lundi 17 août 2009

Los Siquicos Litoraleños

These boys grew from Cucumelo spors on the humid underside of cowpats in Corrientes, Argentina.
They make shamanic Cumbia Folklore with an energy that sprouts from whatever enters their blodstream.

Nicola sings with guttural absurdity and jumps around like a cucaracha, playing acoustic guitar or bass, rolling on the floor while Kuku whittles out electric guitar riffs to keep any Woodstock rocker content. And then there´s German on drums tapping out rowdy folk rhythms and Diego on synth. His sounds are a combination of those bad taste Latino keyboards mixed with animals dreaming of a life in the Cucu fields.

And they´re all masked up like glitzy underworld demons.

They played last night in Cobra Libreria in Caballito, a corner gathering , blasting out the sudden cold with such hits as El Chipa Chiriri (a recipe for Corrientes style cheesebread) and Necesita Ecualisacion, a call for aural and mental equilibrium.

Watch out for Los Siquicooooooooooos in Europe. They'll be on tour in with Worm records throughout September, playing in Psych-land Holland and Belgium. Wowser.

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