jeudi 20 août 2009


I. Name:

II. Name of completed projects, projects under way, and what you play:
LeeevB, E.S., La luz cadente, Cromañón.

III. Influences:

IV. What motivates you?:

V. Friend bands:

VI. What’s your music like from a political point of view:

VII. Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

VIII. Instruments:

IX. What particular quality would you give to the sound that you like?
It’s yellow.

X. What period of history has been a significant catalyst for the birth or development of the music you make?
The Medieval.

XI. How do you combine your visual aesthetic with the aural?
I throw coins.

XII. What do you think about the production and edition of records in Argentina?

XIII. Which was the most popular pop song in the year you were born?
I don’t know.

XIV. Where is a musical group in Argentina heading, which doesn’t enjoy the same open medias and opportunities like those of, for example, Europe, the United States?

XV. Describe the best concert you´ve seen in your life.
There were witches.

leeev´b in the FLA

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