lundi 27 septembre 2010

Interview: David Loayza

David graced the FLA with his patio playing band of naughty hecklers, and toured Argentina in March of 2009, dressed as Oso el Roto and singing like a broken bear.

I. Name:

daevid loyza(oso el roto)

II. Name of completed projects, projects under way, and what you play:

Under way :

dudu geva

1400 points de sutures

squelette de georges

rock monsieur

Completed :

steak fromdelta

oso et les léopards du vin rouge ,

,vaporetto ,

,Mc Patate,

,jesus de dos,

superbeet ,caca

,bite anus 750 ,

les patates radioactives

les ochmoneqs ,

giorgio porgio ,


chichi y los putos del orto

,H P ,


the jeanpierre's

los chupacabras

les fréres d épinay


lechevailer derinchy

veau negro ,

the porno fuck off,

the fonzarellis


III. Influences:



ufo or die




captain beefheart

the shaggs

jad fair

yma sumac

christian marclay


lydia lunch





caroliner rainbow

fat worm of error

sonic youth



pussy galore

henry chopin

kurtz schwitters

fred frith

and looooads are missing

IV. What motivates you?:

I really don’t know

I think that, for me, the music is a medium which helps me a lot to be sociable and makes my brain sane; it’s a politicotherapeutic act

And also the more I learn about music the more I learn about the world. And the more I feel good and sometimes I can help some people with little things.

V. Friend bands:

chocolat billy

radikal satan

crack und ultra eczema

le sport

cheb samir and the black soul of leviathan

the dreams

manuel j grotesque



ero babba

romaric sobac

le club des chats

VI. What’s your music like from a political point of view:

I think it has something to do with dull anarchist gatherings but also with something more sexual.

It’s trying to find another path which functions but not intellectually because with the intellect you lose the taste of things.

VII. Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

A fruit, sometimes I eat the tomato like an apple

VIII. Instruments:

Banjo keyboard electric guitar drums bass singing trumpet anything that falls into my hands everything is an instrument

IX. What particular quality would you give to the sound that you like?

It should sound like a recording of children who play at recording a fake radio [show].

X. What period of history has been a significant catalyst for the birth or development of the music you make?

heuuuuu uuummm I don’t know, there are lots

When I was 14 in Chile with a friend who is a Beatles fan we wanted to form the most surreal group in the world, like “I am the walrus”

When I was 19 I met Manuel with whom I made most of my music

When I was 22 JF Pichard showed us how to organize a tour and concerts and then millions more gatherings…

XI. How do you combine your visual aesthetic with the aural?

I make the aesthetic, there should be some sense in it, because the same person is making the visual as the aural. It should be something that feeds the imagination.

XII. What do you think about the production and edition of records in Argentina?

I know very little about how record [production] works in Argentina. But what I really like are the CDs of MP3s that they sell in the train stations. In Europe everyone should do that.

XIII. Which was the most popular pop song in the year you were born?

It was 1977 so it should be “Anarchy in the UK”, I imagine, I don’t know, something by Elvis who died that year, I think

XIV. Where is a musical group in Argentina heading, which doesn’t enjoy the same open medias and opportunities like those of, for example, Europe, the United States?

“Open medias” is a lie to chop off the balls of the Leftists.

The rich are equally as lost in the confusion of art as the poor.

The strength of the rich is the diabolic cleanliness.

The strenth of the poor is the sacred dirtiness.

The good music is stronger than all of that shit.

XV. Describe the best concert you´ve seen in your life.

It was in St Malo in Brittany walking in the streets of that city that I accindentally found the concert.

There were two Eskimo girls with a French 8 year old girl and the three of them were singing breathing chants that were very very very very very strange and truly the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life.

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