lundi 12 octobre 2009

Review: La copa de un arbol sin raiz, Ø+yn

Titled ¨La copa de un arbol sin raiz¨ (The top of a rootless tree), the defiant Ø+yn (Omasin) present their latest LP which contains 8 songs recorded in three and a bit years. The rounds come to us from Cordoba, San Juan and La Cordillera de los Andes. The long sonoric journeys, together with the immense help of a trumpet, tuba or cello, small hypnosis produced by the the context which takes possession of listening ears. As a result of their explorations this trio (Mavi Arener, Pablo Picco and Gustav Valergal) have found the momento in which their fruits can be harvested.

The record starts with ¨Ulla, the gigantic trumpet¨, the sun rises resplendent. The day also falls, the night has to break. That´s how it goes by, leaving its trace: its print remains. Nobody, nothing: just prints. And the fantastic tension of the strings or the voice singing ¨Lalala till eternity¨.

The key to this record comes from the third track, a mountain of monotony and harmony which take unique and continuous forms amplified at the limit of their obscurity. The songs begin to have an energetic noise and the instruments change, almost indifferent, with new choruses and electric currents accompanied by winds, water and wood which brings the next song into view. The strident sound of the Ø+yn spirit is interrupted, unpredictibly, by ¨Amilcar prepares the shadow of the tea¨ , which leads into the best of the record.

To call this a great and excellent band would not be an exaggeration.

- Mamber

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  1. qué raro, escribo en inglés o en castellano?

    me cabe la esquizofrenia espacio-tempo-lingüístico-sonora.

    aprovechen la pirotecnia de internet y hagan que se puedan bajar los discos.

  2. Hi there this is Pablo!
    thanks for the post!

    The cover paintings were made by a friend of us called Emmanuel Figueroa
    He´s a great artist! Here´s a bunch of videos he made as a drawer/painter ::

    soy pablo!
    gracias por el post sobre el disco amigos!!

    The lonesomes: las pinturas las hizo un amigo que se llama Emmanuel Figueroa
    Es un excelente dibujante!
    Tiene algunos videos con dibujos que hizo:

    saludos y gracias!