jeudi 10 septembre 2009

Lio Zanarini, interview

I. Name:
Lionel Paolo Zanarini a.k.a Pequeño Leon mutante

II. Name of completed projects, projects under way, and what you play:
Capitanes del Espacio, Syn Criterio, Pequeño Leon Mutante
I play everything and anything that doesn’t dirty my hands, so muddy guitars, freshly painted bass, and powdered drums.
With the Capitanes del Espacio we’ve finished a record called “Oh bananas Ho (the whalesong)¨, which will soon be flooding many record shops in other galaxies.
With Syncriterio we have two records: “Satan” and “La ora del despertar”
And Pequeño Leon Mutante says that he is making things but most of the time he´s a comic.

III. Influences:
Everything and Black Sabbath

IV. What motivates you?:
The Holy Spirit

V. Friend bands:
Siquicos Litoraleños, Hipnoflautas, Pakidermos, Copronautas, Soy tu padre, Klub der Klang, and millions of thousands of millions more.

VI.What’s your music like from a political point of view?
The politics of the Riachuelo by the Makro bridge.

VII. Is the tomato a fruit or vegetable?
I believe that in certain questions man should make silence in honour of knowledge, just so as not to affect or condition the tomato´s self-image.

VIII. Instruments:
The buttocks are THE PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT of excellence

IX. What particular quality would you give to the sound that you like?

X. What period of history has been a significant catalyst for the birth or development of the music you make?
The period of the life of Walt Disney

X. What period of history has been a significant catalyst for the birth or development of the music you make?
With a lot of imagination

XII. What do you think about the production and edition of records in Argentina?
I don´t know. I asked Syd Barrett and he didn´t know what to say to me.

XIII. Which was the most popular pop song in the year you were born?
According to the website I consulted
the year that I was born there were lots of great HITS
but this was the song that exploded that year
Y.M.C.A. – The Village People
I think it’s a marvellous song
I feel identified (adjective in feminine)

XIV. Where is a musical group in Argentina heading, which doesn’t enjoy the same open medias and opportunities like those of, for example, Europe, the United States?
In the direction of Love.
In the direction of love?

XV. Describe the best concert you´ve seen in your life.
One with The Fall, but I dreamed it
Nick Cave left me gobsmacked in 98
Sonic Youth converted me into a groupie
Ramones / Motorhead in Velez Stadium
Pantera in Obras Stadium
Pffff, there are lots, Los Autenticos Decadentes

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