mercredi 9 septembre 2009

Buen Viaje Los Siquicos

Crack a bottle of Champagne on the hull of Los Siquicos Litoraleños, as they disappear off to Holland on tour

Here´s a work in progress of the documentary that´s going to warp your mind:

(here´s what Jorge and Dick say)


Imagine that aliens land in Curuzu Cuatia, but instead of invading Corrientes they fall in love with Chamame, Peñas, the Cumbias at parties, and they become musicians.
Only the delirium of nature can explain Los Siquicos Litoraleños

You can get lucky living in a lost village where strong characters get together, with no outside influences reaching them, they can go further than in a city where all the information reaches them. They live in a town where nobody bombards them with their own criteria.

Without doubt this lacking, and the limitations of the resources with which they record, creates the magic of the group. I can´t imagine anything similar being made with professional instruments. It would lose all its magic, and I think they know that.

The good thing about the Siquicos is that they are actually living in those conditions, so there´s no doubting their sincerity, they´re doing an investigation just using their own points of reference. That´s great.

Cumbia, Chamame, which is something I´ve been getting into, popular music, but if you give it a strange or bizarre twist, of course it´s going to be more powerful.

It´s really easy, with few resources, to transform this into magic. There are a lot of people doing it, but once you´re into it you can send it out into the world, it´s easy. It´s just that, well, you´ve got to be found.

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  1. Julia, thanks for the subtitles of the trailer. I'm Alejandro, I travel with Los Siquicos throu Holland and Belgium filming everything. Check some vids, photos & stories at my blog

  2. ei!! its dafne here, im doing the film with alejandro.. ah... cierto.
    hablas castellano!!!
    aquì en berlin ya ni hablo español asi que mejor en porteño..