lundi 22 juin 2009

Nobody's Listening to NOISE

This is a blog by two Brits, Kit McKenzie (Bristol, UK) and Julia Worley (Buenos Aires, Argentina), which has been started up to take a look into a particular music "scene" which is going on in Buenos Aires right now.

Kit first came across this breed of Argentinian "noise" on his second trip to South America where he met Julia and played in her then improvisation group Klub der Klang, and witnessed the buzz that surrounded the members and their projects. That was in 2007, and upon returning in 2009 he realized that the aural experimentations were dividing like cells and spreading to create other forms.

The blog will first include a number of homogenous interviews, written by them both, translated into Spanish, sent out to all connected to the Ciclo Euzine!, answered and sent back and then translated into English.

Ciclo Euzine! has formed around the Euzine! fanzine started up in 2006 by Martin Sandoval, which continues to this day, bringing unsigned "experimental music" acts to the stage in such venues as the Federacion Libertaria Argentina - home to the anarchist movement, in Constitucion, and the Sexto Cultural, Chacarita. These events have seen local and international names on the bill, with some regulars like Klub der Klang, Azur, Los Psicicos Litoralenios, and irregulars like Dick el Demasiado, Darisbo and Horace Pollard (to name but a very few) bringing varied and exciting performances.

The name Nobody's Listening is not intended as a negative reflection on the scene, but the general feeling of the intimacy and comfort provided by the solidarity which we've found in playing and being part of what's going on.

I'll be more specific as the blog unravels.........

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